Useful websites and resources

Tools for students and teachers

    It is a website for creating your own flashcards or using what others have already created. It can be useful for learning other things, not just English or languages.
  2. Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals
    Lessons and worksheets ready! They are also organized according to grammar topic and level.

  3. Movie Segments for Warm-ups and Follow-ups
    Lessons and worksheets ready! They are also organized according to grammar topic and level.9b3f082bdcc0b7bba4fecc9631a4cb3d9f3eff9c
    Lessons just ready
    What can I say? Everything is right there!
  6. Lyrics
    Games with music. It redefines karaoke!
    Lyrics Training is a very popular site that allows you to study English or other languages through songs. You can choose from four different levels: Principiante, Intermedio, Avanzado y Experto.After you have selected the level you can choose two different ways to play: ModoEscritura(writing) and ModoSelección (multiple choice) In the first one you have to listen and write down the missing words. In the second one you have to choose the right option on the right to continue listening. Play, learn and enjoy!!!lyricstraining2
    Lessons and activities that are already prepared! (Contribution by professor Liliana Aricapa).
  8. Editor Hemingway
    The app highlights long, complex sentences and common errors. Its is really useful for the writing section.
    Hemingway app

    Resources for students

    Listening activities with different accents. (Contribution by professor Jefferson Vega).
    Activities for students to learn. (Contribution by professor J. Vega).
    ESL teacher Randall Davis put together a very impressive site, filled with listening quizzes. One of the things you’ll notice about the ESL Cyber Listening Lab at first glance is that the quizzes are divided into Easy, Medium and Difficult. Each quiz comes with a pre-listening activity, a multiple-choice quiz based on the listening and post-listening activities that include vocabulary exercises.
    Videos and quizzes for self-study. (Contribution by professor J. Vega).
    Learn things for free… including English. (Contribution by professor J. Vega).
  13. Movie trailers
    Trailers with exercises and also they can practice vocabulary and grammar. (Contribution by professor Paola Arias).
  14. Magazine – British Council(Contribution by professor Juan Guillermo Muñoz).In this site you will find a selection of recorded articles covering a wide range of topics of interest. They are suitable for intermediate to advanced learners. Choose a reading, listen to it at the same time and do the activities. You can also download the audio file to your computer, MP3 player or cellphone and listen to it to improve your listening skills too.

    Facebook groups and fan pages

  15. Resources for ESL/EFL Teachers
  16. Cómo se dice en inglés
  17. Resources center of the National University of Colombia

Twitter useful accounts

16. @WoodwardEnglish

Youtube Channels

17. Nokia88e1 on Youtube
Many audios with scripts under the screen. (Contribution by professor Marco González).

18. Amigos Ingleses on Youtube
A British guy and a girl from Spain teach some short lessons in Spanish and English.

Graded readings

For different English levels (you need to focus on the pdf files, as there lots of other files which might not be relevant to our purposes).

19. (levels 1, 2 and 4 – starter, elementary and intermediate) (level 3 – pre-intermediate) (level 5 – upper-intermediate)

(Contribution by professor Jenny Castiblanco).

Listening resources


(Contribution by professor Juan Guillermo Muñoz).
20. ESLPod – English as a Second Language Podcast

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that you download from the Internet. After you download it, you can listen to it on your computer, on an MP3/portable music player or on you cellphone. In this site you will find some podcasts about different topics: Daily life, health. transportation, travel…etc

Select a podcast, read the transcript, learn the new words and listen toJeff’s explanations of the new vocabulary.


21. Elementary podcasts – British Council

Practice your English language listening skills with Elementary Podcasts. Listen to them on your computer, or download them to your mp3 player or smartphone. If you have problems listening, you can read the complete transcript before, or at the same time, and do the exercises you have on the website. There are 3 series, each one with different activities and some useful advice to improve your English. Listen and write down what you think it might be useful for your English learning process.

22. Stories and poems – British council

This site has a collection of stories and poems written by famous writers like Shakespeare, Wordsworthand a British Council resident writer, Chris Rose.They are suitable for learners from Intermediate to Advanced level. The stories have different exercises to increase vocabulary and to improve students’ listening skills.

22. Newsy

Newsy features short news segments across a variety of topics from business to entertainment, international to US news. One of the best things about Newsy is that each video is posted with a transcript of the news report, giving ESL students the choice of just listening, or listening and reading. It’s a great site for students who need something a bit more challenging.

23. Talk English

Talk English has listening lessons for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced students. Students have the possibility to listen to a conversation, complete a multiple choice quiz and read a script of the audio.


7 Great Places to Look for ESL Listening Material

Websites to look for penpals


(Contribution by professor Paola Arias).